man loses leg after cult's duct tape drug treatment

What the hell happened here? Crazy news out of Queens, where a woman and her fiance were arrested after they bound her brother with duct tape -- in an attempt to cure his mental illness and drug addiction -- so tightly, his leg had to be amputated: 'Cult' rehab treatment cost man his leg, police say.

27-year-old Myung Chung and 39-year-old Sung-Peel Youn admitted to stuffing a sock in Seungick Chung's mouth, and binding his wrists, ankles and knees with duct tape -- apparently orders from their church. But family members are calling the church a "Korean-American Christian cult":
Myung Chung, 27, admitted to cops that on the night of Oct. 4, she and her fiancĂ© stuffed a sock in her brother’s mouth and made sure it would stay there with duct tape.

They also used the tape to bind his wrists, ankles and knees, according to court papers.

“They made it so tight — and all the time they were praying and singing. They thought God would make him a regular person,” said Sarah Youn.

Two days later, Myung Chung noticed her brother’s foot was swollen. On Oct. 12, she took him to a dermatologist, who sent them to an emergency room, court papers show.

When Dr. Angali Bharati at New York Hospital Queens saw Seungick Chung, his right leg was purple, black and blue, she told cops. Doctors had to amputate the leg above the knee.
Chung and Youn were charged with assault, reckless endangerment and unlawful imprisonment. Did someone really have to lose a limb before the parties involved realized this was an monumentally bad idea?

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