racist email calls jay chen a "slant eyed gook"

Our friend Jay Chen, who is running for Congress in California's 39th District, has unfortunately received his share unfair criticism, dirty political attacks, and just plain old hate mail. Like this latest message, where a guy called him a "slant eyed gook," among other things: Jay Chen, LA-OC Congressional Candidate, Gets Racist "Gook" Email From Disbarred Lawyer.

The sender, identified as a former -- now disbarred -- attorney named Anthony Kassas was apparently responding to a mass email from Jay's campaign. Upon receiving Kassas' ridiculously racist reply, the campaign felt fit to share his message with OC Weekly:
"Fuck off chink. I'd never vote for a slant eyed gook. Asians are trying to take over out (sic) country so why would I want to vote for a slope. Fuck off and die. I hope you get cancer of the eyes and testicles. Leave me alone.

Thank you,

Anthony Kassas

Sent from my iPhone. please excuse any typos."
Is it me, or does it seem like Mr. Kassas has a problem with the fact that Jay Chen is Asian American? I don't know, I'm getting that vibe. Meanwhile, Jay Chen presses on towards election day. And so should all of us.

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