restaurant shut down after roadkill found in kitchen

Oh, come on. Come on! This week in Kentucky, a Chinese restaurant was shut down after roadkill -- a dead deer -- was reportedly found in the kitchen: Kentucky restaurant shut down after roadkill found in kitchen.

Customers at the Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg apparently saw employees wheeling a trashcan stuffed with a dead deer parts into the back kitchen. Grossed out, a customer contacted the health department, who shut down the restaurant:
"Two of the workers came in wheeling a garbage can and they had a box sitting on top of it. And hanging out of the garbage can, they were trying to be real quick with it. So that nobody could see it. But there was like a tail, and a foot and leg. Sticking out of the garbage can and they wheeled it straight back into the kitchen," adds Hopkins.

Hopkins immediately called the health department to describe what she saw, "Many people eat there. A lot of locals eat there on lunch breaks and stuff. It was very disturbing. There was actually a blood trail that they were mopping up behind the garbage can."

Paul Lawson, the environmental health inspector in Whitley County says this is the craziest thing he's ever seen.

After he arrived at the Chinese restaurant on south highway 25 West, he says the complaints proved to be true after finding roadkill in the restaurants kitchen.
The restaurant owner's son admitted to picking up a dead deer off the side of the road, but said they weren't planning on serving it to customers. Fantastic. Bad news for Chinese restaurants that already face the stereotype of serving weird, dirty dishes.

Talk about grounds for a bad Yelp review. Whatever the case, if and when the Red Flower restaurant reopens, they're probably going to have a serious problem getting customers back in for lunch. More here: Whitley County restaurant shut down after road kill found in kitchen.

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