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I recently learned about Lucy Lee, a 25-year-old graduate of Fresno State University who was recently diagnosed with NK/T-Cell Lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of lymphoma.

Not only has the rigorous chemotherapy put her life on hold -- she was supposed to start a nursing program next spring -- she doesn't have medical insurance to help pay for treatment and hospital bills.

In an effort to cover the costs of her condition, her boyfriend Alex has set up an page for online donations: Project Lucy. Here's some more information:

I want to let everyone one know that my girlfriend, Lucy Lee, was recently diagnosis with a rare lymphoma cancer called NK T Cell Lymphoma. She is only 25 years old, a graduated of Fresno State University, and was accepted to the Fresno City Nursing program Spring 2013. However, due to the aggressive form of cancer, she has to undergo a rigorous schedule of chemotherapy and will not be able to attend the program next year. We are in need your support, she has no medical insurance and hospital bills are quite costly. We have applied for government programs to help lower the cost, but they can only pay for so much. So my friends and I are setting up fundraising events to help support her and her family for the difficult years to come. Please join us and help support Lucy. Any donations will be grateful.
It breaks my heart to see anyone have to go through this, on top of wondering how the hell they'll pay for treatment. Please give if you can, and spread the word. For more details, watch this video Alex made: Project Lucy.

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