k-town season two trailer

Uh oh. Here comes trouble. K-Town is back. Love it or hate it, you watched at least some of the trashy reality web series everybody was talking about. Admit it! Hell, I watched the first season and I kind of hated myself a little for it... but no lie, I watched the whole damn thing. The second season premieres this month, promising to be "wilder and sexier than ever."

Here's the season two trailer:

Drama, yo. Looks like there will be a lot more of the same. Drinking, grinding, shoving and cursing. Hey, it ain't a night out in K-Town unless someone gets into a fight. (Drinking game: take a shot every time someone on the show calls someone a "bitch." Two shots if Scarlet says it.)

Anyway, it's back. Season two premieres on November 28. For future episodes, subscribe to LOUD. And for further update, follow K-Town on Facebook.

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