Man tries to rob kung fu studio. Bad idea.

Some criminals are just asking for it. Ask the would-be robber who tried to rob a kung fu studio. Really. In Pittsburgh, authorities are looking for a man who tried to rob a kung fu studio, but was thwarted by an instructor and his students: Kung fu instructor, students fight off would-be robber in Squirrel Hill.

An armed gunman walked into the Win-Win Kung Fu Studio in Squirrel Hill last week just as a night class had finished, and told everyone to get down. Turns out, he messed with the wrong disciples of kung fu. Not just instructor Joshua Wang, but his students too:

Wang told Channel 11's Vince Sims that the man walked toward the back room and then ran toward them with the gun.

"I didn't want this guy leaving, so I grabbed his head and twisted it," Wang said. "I twisted him here and I twisted him once more here."

Wang said he tackled the gunman, and while he held him down, one of the students tried to get his gun.

"My student was very good. He was very brave," Wang said.

According to Wang, the robber was "very strong" and escaped. Wang told Sims that he's glad no one was injured.
Unfortunately, the guy got away. Seriously, of ALL the places you could try to mess with, a friggin' kung fu studio? Like I said, asking for it.

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