'Saw' director in talks to direct 'MacGyver' movie

James Wan is in negotiations to helm a reboot of the 1980s action series.

They're making a MacGyver movie. Not to be confused with the Saturday Night Live spoof-turned-movie MacGruber. A real MacGyver movie based on the classic 1980s TV show. And it looks like Saw director James Wan is in talks to direct the feature film remake.

'MacGyver' Movie to Be Directed by 'Saw' Helmer James Wan.

Wan, co-creator of the hit horror franchise Saw and director of Insidious, is reportedly in talks with New Line to direct a new movie about the secret agent, originally played by Richard Dean Anderson, who uses science, a Swiss Army knife and everyday items to get himself out of jams:

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that New Line is negotiating with James Wan to come aboard the project, based on the 1980s television series about a resourceful detective (played by Richard Dean Anderson) who could bring together everyday objects to help him solve crimes and escape perilous situations. Jason Richman (Bangkok Dangerous) has written the script, with revisions by Brian and Mark Gunn.

No joke, MacGyver was one of my favorite shows back in the day, but I haven't seen it a while. I wonder if it still holds up. Here's hoping James Wan puts together a worthy 21st century remake.

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