sergio romo makes a statement

As a lifelong fan of the San Francisco Giants, this has been an amazing week. Yesterday, the city celebrated the team's awesome four-game World Series sweep over the Detroit Tigers with an orange-and-black ticker tape parade.

And today, everybody's talking about pitcher Sergio Romo's t-shirt. The Giants' bearded Mexican American star closer took the opportunity to make a statement, rocking a shirt on the parade route that boldly proclaimed "I JUST LOOK ILLEGAL." Love it: Sergio Romo not afraid to speak his mind.

I bring it up here because this article mentions that the shirt is sold by Wicky Tees in Los Angeles, founded by Jack Chan. Sales for the shirt apparently exploded yesterday after the parade:
The provocative shirt had parade viewers headed to eBay and other online vendors selling the design. More than 100 people ordered the $12 shirt Wednesday from Wicky Tees of Los Angeles. Founder Jack Chan said he usually only gets five to 10 orders a day.

"For some reason, my sales went 'boom,' " said Chan, who never even heard of Romo until Wednesday. "It's been a very busy day."
You can buy the shirt here for $12.

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