watch the premiere of lolwork

Speaking of reality television, Bravo's new series LOLwork premieres this week. The show follows the behind-the-scenes office antics of staff members at ICanHasCheezburger -- you know, the funny cat photo website -- led by chief executive Ben Huh. You can watch the first episode online.

When I first heard they were making this show, I joked that I envisioned something like TMZ, but instead of employees standing around their desks dishing celebrity gossip, they discussed the merits of cat photos.

After watching the premiere, that's kind of what it actually is. Watch:

I happen to know Ben Huh. He's an old college friend. I know I mention this every time I post something about ICanHasCheezburger, but I still think it's a trip that Ben is making a good living -- and is now on TV -- with this cat photo website. The internet is crazy. Ironically, Ben is allergic to cats.

LOLwork airs Wednesday nights on Bravo. For more information, videos and extra content, check out the show's website.

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