Behold the awful racist trailer for Ushi Must Marry

Damn. What kind of racist nonsense did I just watch? In case you believed that Hollywood's got a lock on racist stereotyping, I recommend taking a look at this craptastic trailer for the godawful-looking upcoming Dutch comedy Ushi Must Marry, which features yellowface, racial mockery and stereotypes galore:

That's Dutch actress Wendy Van Dijk trying to do some Borat-style prank comedy, in addition to some stereotypical racial caricature hijinks.

If you could make it through the entire two-minute trailer, I commend your patience. I had to turn it off. Just looking at that grotesque yellowface makeup makes me want to throw break my laptop.

I suspect this movie will never make it stateside... but you never know. More here: Look At The Wacky White Lady Pretending To Be Japanese!

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