manny pacquiao knocked out in sixth round stunner

If you are a Filipino brother or sister, you already know. But in case you didn't hear... Manny Pacquiao got knocked out. Like straight up, flat out, face-first knocked out on his stomach: Juan Manuel Marquez knocks out Manny Pacquiao with vicious counterpunch in sixth round.

In the sixth round of Saturday's bout against rival Juan Manuel Marquez, the former eight-division champ took a monster counter right to the head, knocking him out cold and stunning boxing fans around the globe. ESPN's got highlights from the fight, including the crushing KO:

Manny underwent a post-fight CT scan and checked out okay.

Marquez is now 55-6-1 with the 40th knockout of his career. Pacquiao is 54-5-2. Could this result signal the beginning of the end for Manny? Despite the urging of his wife and mother, Pacquiao says he's not retiring.

As you might expect, Filipinos fans were bummed. Maybe you can blame it on Mitt Romney, who makes a loser out of everyone: Mitt strikes again! Manny Pacquiao gets dealt stunning knockout loss minutes after prefight locker-room visit from Romney.

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