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Movie Review: THE IMPOSSIBLE Is Deplorable: The Impossible is a true story about a tourist family that got separated when the 2004 tsunami devastated Thailand. Guess who's not in the story? Thai people.

Daniel Inouye's Conscience: The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh remembers Senator Daniel Inouye, who passed away early last week.

A Real Talk Primer on Affirmative Action, Fisher, College Admissions and Race by Dr. OiYan Poon: Our friend OiYan Poon debunks some myths and misconceptions about Asian Americans and affirmative action in order for us to have a more productive conversation.

Where Hook's Rufio is Today: Yahoo catches up actor Dante Basco, who is best known for his 1991 role as Rufio in Steven Spielberg's Hook.

Apokolips now for 'Wonder Woman' artist Cliff Chiang: In the latest issue of DC Comics' Wonder Woman, artist Cliff Chiang introduces a fresh take on the old Jack Kirby New Gods character Orion.

Top 10 Christmas Rap Songs: What the title says. In the spirit of the season, the Fung Bros. name their top ten Christmas rap songs. This was educational.

The ABCs of Hmong: Sacramento's Susan B. Anthony Elementary offers a dual language immersion program for Hmong American children.

Manny's, Manny's Everywhere: A great profile on Manny Chao, one of the founders behind Seattle's Georgetown Brewing Company, and the namesake behind the craft brewery's primary beer, "Manny Pale Ale."

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