Nine killed in Oregon tour bus crash

Some awful news out of Oregon from over the weekend... On Sunday, nine people were killed and dozens injured when a tour bus went over a guardrail and plummeted down a steep embankment: Oregon Tour Bus Crash Kills 9 People, Injures More Than 20 Others.

The charter bus, carrying forty tourists -- mostly from South Korea -- from Canada to Las Vegas, skidded off an icy mountain highway and crashed hundreds of feet down a hill in northeastern Oregon. Four men, four women and one girl were killed, though authorities are still identifying several victims:

The identification process is slow going, said Lieutenant Gregg Hastings, a spokesman for the Oregon State Police. Among the reasons for delay are the availability of legal identification documentation, fingerprints, positive descriptors, and, in most of these cases, traumatic injuries to the victims.

The medical examiner's office is working with investigators, the Korean Consulate's Office, and other sources in efforts to positively identify the remaining eight victims, all of Asian descent. No time frame has been identified when the names will be released.
More here: Oregon tour bus crash: First of 9 victims identified as Dale Osborn of Spanaway.

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