Stuff Asians Suck At: Registering to be a bone marrow donor.

Passing along a message for a friend.

My friend Karin is asking friends to consider signing up to be a potential stem cell donor. Stem cell transplants are used to save the lives of those with aggressive cancer. Her sister Ginny has advanced lymph cancer, and we are searching for a stem cell match for her. The best match will be a Chinese person between 18-45 years old. Most registered donors are European, which puts Asian patients at a disadvantage.

It's simple to sign up. You fill out a form online, and you receive a kit in the mail. Once you sign up, you must be willing to donate, though you can change your mind later for medical or other reasons. If they call you as a potential match, there is additional testing, and if you are approved, they will take stem cells from your blood (not bone marrow). It's a commitment, but it's also the opportunity to save someone's life.

If you would like to register, you can sign up here: http://marrow.org/Join/Join_Now/Join_Now.aspx

More info here: http://www.a3mhope.org/

Please contact Karin at karinc@gmail.com or (917) 209-9602 if you have any questions. And thank you for considering this request for help.

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