WTF: Racist skit at the Mummers Parade

Holy smokes. This is a moment from this year's Mummers Parade, held annually on New Year's Day in Philadelphia, and it's just... wow. How many ways can you offend?

In this skit, an all-white group dances around to "Gangnam Style" and "Apache" in Indian and Native American garb. "Indi-Insourcing," by Venetian NYA, is supposed to be some kind of statement against the outsourcing of American jobs. Brotherly love, yo. Watch this disaster in all its xenophobic glory:

At any point, did anyone stop to consider if this was a bad idea? Then again, I'm informed that the racial mocking, stereotypes and cultural appropriation are pretty typical for the Mummer's Parade. It's apparently part of the tradition. Well, then stay classy.

That's racist! More here: A Philadelphia Parade’s "Tradition" of Racial Insensitivity.

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