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Welcome to the Aerogram: The Aerogram is a newly launched U.S.-based news and culture magazine with a South Asian viewpoint, named after the classic aerograms of yesteryear, before social media and Skype.

Is Obama Still the 'First Asian American President'?: Jeff Yang and outgoing Cabinet Secretary Christopher P. Lu discuss how Obama is the "First Asian American President."

The many faces of immigration reform: MSNBC anchor Richard Lui's grandparents came here as illegal immigrants. The Irish American community includes as many as 50,000 unauthorized immigrants. How does this change the conversation around immigration reform?

Do Immigrants "Drain" Society?: "If anything, as other research has shown, it is America that can be harmful to immigrant families: obesity and criminality increase from the first to the second generation."

Female Samurai: Awesome vintage photo. What is the story of this onna-bugeisha?

Girl in famous Vietnam photo talks about forgiveness: When Napalm bombs hit her city, Kim Phuc's clothes burned off as she ran away from the fire. 40 years after her injury, Phuc travels the world to talk about the anger she felt and was able to leave behind.

UC student takes Dream Act case to YouTube: 24-year-old UC Berkeley math club leader and biostatistics major from South Korea said he never dreamed he would reveal his biggest secret -- that he is an undocumented immigrant -- on YouTube.

Aging in a Foreign Land: An Elderly Vietnamese Woman Speaks: Author and editor Andrew Lam compiles conversations with his mother, who suffers from dementia, into this compelling essay on growing old as an immigrant in America.

Aziz Ansari gets candid about love: "elusive and sadly ephemeral": Comedian Aziz Ansari talks about his next standup tour and the articles he's been reading as material. In his own words: "As a forewarning, this interview might be a bummer."

Randall Park Falls Ass Backwards Into True Love: Randall Park explains to his 8-month-old daughter why he'll be "karate-chopping" the first guy who shows up on her doorstep with flowers.

6 Insane Stereotypes That Movies Can't Seem to Get Over: Number 4: White People Are Better At Being Asian Than Real Asians.

February Issue: Sung Kang Keeps It Real With Hollywood: Sung Kang, who co-stars with Sylvester Stallone in the action flick Bullet to the Head, reflects on his own Rocky Balboa-esque story.

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