WTF: These white rappers claim to have "Swag Like Asian"

What... is this? Yes, this is supposed to be comedy, but I'm completely confounded by this music video for "Swag Like An Asian" by self-proclaimed "multimillionaire hip hop luminaries" Buckwheat Groats. You might have seen their stuff on Funny or Die. I don't know too much about them, but they have a deal with Warner Music, and they apparently really like Asians. And Asian stuff. And they made a song about it. I'm just shaking my head:

Musically, this isn't bad, and a few of their rhymes are actually pretty funny... but the whole thing just weirds me out. Asian fetish overload. Comedy or not, music videos featuring a white dude strolling around Seoul with a sparkly dick chain around his neck is not my favorite genre of anything. Not having it.

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