#18MillionHearts for fair and just immigration reform

Here's a campaign that you should know about... The Asian American Center for Advancing Justice and 18 Million Rising recently launched 18 Million Hearts: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Immigration Reform, an online campaign to elevate the voices of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the current national discussion on immigration -- a conversation we are too often excluded from.

Nearly two-thirds of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are immigrants, and the AAPI community is the fastest growing racial group in the United States. Our families and loved ones are undeniably affected by the nation's broken immigration system. The 18 Million Hearts campaign urges AAPIs to weigh in with their members of Congress by signing a petition that calls for:

  • Creating a clear and reasonable roadmap to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants who are committed to our country and want to become Americans;
  • Ending the separation of families waiting years and even decades to be reunited with loved ones waiting overseas;
  • Reforming 1996 immigration laws that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of unfair deportations and negatively impacted Southeast Asian refugees and Pacific Islanders; and
  • Granting equal immigration rights for our LGBTIQ brothers and sisters.
Stand up for immigration reform that is fair and just. For further information about the #18millionhearts campaign, and to sign the petition to tell Congress and the President that you indeed support fair and just immigration reform, head over to 18 Million Rising.

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