Angry Reader of the Week: Parvesh Cheena

What is up, my people? I'll tell you what's up. It's time to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Parvesh Cheena.

Who are you?
I am Reggae singer backup dancer choreographer, Parvesh Cheena. I have curly hair that sometimes gets straightened when I work in television.

What are you?
I am a human being who is brownish in hue. Caramel in color perhaps.

Where are you?
I am in my apartment watching The Americans on DVR on FX and where I will probably stay until my agents send me out on an audition. I like TV. I watch it constantly on these two sofa beds I've made into a sectional seating arrangement. I also like watching shows that I don't think I'd ever act on. Like Mad Men. No Indians on that show. Sigh, it's the best show ever.

Where are you from?
I am from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and I lived in Chicago the city proper in Lakeview and Roscoe Village before I moved to Los Angeles. I have lived in Glendale, El Segundo, Valley Village, NoHo, Studio City, and now I'm Beverly Hills Adjacent. Ugh. I just said I live Beverly Hills Adjacent. I'm not a real estate broker. Ugh. Forgive me. I live in LA.

What do you do?
I act. I improvise. I download way too many Marvel Comics on my iPad and then crash it and I have to restart and reboot the iPad all over again. I am starting to produce stuff like this short film ...Or Die which won the audience award at HBO's South Asian American Film Festival and was just in San Francisco's CAAMFest. It'll also be showing here in Los Angeles at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles in April and at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in May. So yay. You can see it. I also produced and acted in the YOMYOMF Channel's SQUAD 85. That was fun. I had blond hair. You can still see it online at Squad85.com. I am very proud of both of these projects. Next up, I'll be filming a pilot for TBS called Do It Yourself. It'll be fun. I'm back with my old Outsourced little brother, Ben Rappaport. We have fun together. Not inappropriate fun. Well, unless beer and whiskey is involved.

What are you all about?
I'm all about that. Was that a Midwestern thing? I used to say that all the time. I'm all about going out. I'm all about ice cream sandwiches. I'm all about gun control. I'm all about kindness. I'm all about vegan food right now. Yes, that's it. I'm eating a lot of Thai vegan even though the Eat Right for Your Blood Type says I should be eating meat meat meat. But listen to Morrissey... meat is murder, kids. I'm also all about the watching documentaries on Netflix like Forks Over Knives and Get Vegucated.

What makes you angry?
Jeez. Everything makes me angry. Intolerant people make me angry but then me being angry about them makes me intolerant, right? I get angry at Republicans in Congress blocking and saying no to EVERY law, appointment, idea. It's so frustrating. Equally, I get angry about drone strikes. I am angry at what is considered collateral damage. I am angry about this video I saw earlier this week about abuse at a living facility for adults dealing with autism. We have some family members with some mental issues and I get so angry about my inability to care for them in the future and the idea of places like this home make me so angry. I am sorry, I didn't know if I should be funny or cute with this question. Anger is a difficult word because it has a lack of control and self control about it. I fear my own anger. I have actually just started doing yoga. Yep, an Indian-American doing yoga... seems like a total duh but I had railed against for it a bit. But I like it. I'd say give it a try. Oh and therapy too. But I wonder if I have to go into therapy this week since I'm talking it out to you Angry Asian Man readers. Now, I don't feel so angry anymore. Really. I know everything will be okay. It keeps getting better. Today is better then yesterday.

@parvesh on twitter. I send random tweets where I'm trying to be funnier. I'm not that good at it... yet.

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