Does this "Garbage" video mock old Asian ladies?

Gawker points us to this "comedy" music video making fun of old Asian ladies who rummage through trash to collect bottles and cans for cash, cleverly titled "Yo Grannys In My Garbage." Hi-LAR-ious, right?

The artist behind the video, Maria Campanella, denies that the video has any racist or insulting intention, and claims that it has "nothing to do with Asian or homeless," and should be taken at face value. Sorry, I guess I missed the part where the sight of an elderly woman sifting through trash is supposed to be hysterical.

At the risk of giving this thing more views, take a look. What do you think?

Whole thing's just kind of tiring, isn't it?

Campanella doubles down and insists the woman depicted in the video isn't mocking Asians -- don't be fooled by the hat, because "A hat doesn't distinguish a culture. If it's a sunny day, anybody can wear a hat like that." Whatever. More here: Canned music - Youtube music video on bottle collectors draws criticism.

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