Knowing is half the battle: G.I. Joe: Retaliation hits theaters

Yo Joe! At long last, G.I. Joe: Retaliation finally hits theaters this weekend.

Originally slated to hit theaters last year, the release was halted to go back 3D-ify the whole thing. The delay was a bummer for big Joe fans like me, but no doubt a way bigger bummer for director Jon M. Chu, who had been putting in the work to make a live-action G.I. Joe flick that lifelong fans would sit up and cheer for.

I had the opportunity to see Retaliation about a month ago, but without the 3D. So I can't attest to whether or not the wait for the 3D Joe experience was worth it. But even without 3D, the movie is a lot of fun. A little goofy, but G.I. Joe was always a little goofy. The Rock is awesome, there's Elodie Yung as Jinx, Cobra Commander is finally in a shiny mask, and there are plenty of giant tanks and ninja goodness to go around.

And did I mention the abtastic Byung Hun Lee back as Storm Shadow? Mm hm.

Now if we can only find a way to get Quick Kick into the next G.I. Joe movie. And I'm pretty sure there's going to be a next one -- Retaliation is on track to make a truckload of box office money this weekend. Jon Chu can breathe a sigh of relief. More here: 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' director's wait is over.

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