Yet Another Stupid Racist Video: "Why I'd Hate To Be Asian"

Meet Samuel. He's the latest young person to stupidly post a YouTube video offering his racist opinions about Asians, entitled "Why I'd Hate to Be Asian." I saw it last night, but since then it appears that Samuel has reconsidered his actions and took down his original diatribe. But of course, it's too late -- the video has already been cloned, re-uploaded and gone viral. Pretty much every email, message and tweet I received this morning was about this stupid video. Kid, the internet is forever.

Charming. It's like bad performance art or something.

I understand this guy is probably mad trollin'. And I get that he probably had no idea about the kind of reaction his comments would evoke. I'm not trying to send the angry masses at him, and I don't want to ruin anyone's life. But actions have consequences. Alexandra Wallace learned that the hard way too.

This video illustrates what kind ignorance is out there, how ridiculous attitudes about race can go unchecked, and the baffling casual racism within the notion that you can make a video like this, send it out into the world, and think everything's going to be cool. Thanks for the reminder, Samuel.

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