Jeremy Lin on 60 Minutes

Your favorite Houston Rocket point guard Jeremy Lin was featured on last night's edition of 60 Minutes, which recounted his rise from obscurity to NBA stardom: Linsanity: Jeremy Lin's rise to stardom.

Charlie Rose interviewed him about his upbringing, his struggles facing racism and stereotypes on the court, and that unlikely moment when he came off the New York Knicks bench to inspire what millions would affectionately call "Linsanity." Here's the video:

This segment isn't going to be anything new to the superfan who's followed every twist and turn of the Jeremy Lin Saga, but it's a nice overview for the general prime time news-watching public. At the very least, I'm glad that it acknowledges the element that race, for better or for worse, has played in his journey. It goes about as deep as you'd expect for a program like 60 Minutes. For more, here's the program transcript.

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