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An Epic "Illegal Immigration" Debate Happened On Twitter: I'd like to think I had a small hand in helping to jumpstart this Twitter conversation... Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin and journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, an undocumented immigrant, had a Twitter discussion about immigration in the United States.

Why My Immigrant Christian Conservative Dad Supports Same-Sex Marriage: Jeff Yang's father, a devout Christian and Nixon Republican, ended dinner one night by declaring that gay marriage should be legal.

'Olympus Has Fallen' Brings Out the Anti-Asian Slurs from Its Audience: Oh, what? Hollywood misrepresents Asian Americans and fools air out their racism on Twitter? Yes, we're tired of internet trolls, too, but it's worth analyzing why crap like this happens in the face of real life international politics.

Why the AP's Choice to Drop the I-Word Is a Crucial Victory: This past week, the Associated Press announced that it's dropping the phrase "illegal immigrant" from its current style guide. Here's why this is awesome news.

Roger and Me: "Ebert was the rare populist who never talked down to the elites or to the common moviegoers. He wanted to elevate the reader, not because he was smarter, but because he wanted us all to love movies as much as he did." Brian Hu remembers Roger Ebert, who passed away on Thursday.

Thao Nguyen's Uncommon Life: Thao Nguyen is back on tour with her band to promote their latest album, We the Common. The songwriter takes a minute while on tour to talk to Hyphen.

Q&A With Jeremy Lin: Another interview with Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin cites college race 'barrier': Jeremy Lin thinks he would have been offered a Division I basketball scholarship -- if he wasn't Asian-American. But ignore the video; the discussion is utterly worthless.

Benson Lee to shun stereotypes in 'Seoul Searching': Benson Lee's latest project is a 1980s-style teen comedy that promises a portrayal of Asians that's real and not, you know, Long Duk Dong.

Through the Long Winter: A Look Back at Radiolab's Yellow Rain Controversy: Part two of Kao Kalia Yang's response to Radiolab's show last year, in which the hosts interviewed Yang's uncle about his experience with yellow rain -- and then invalidated his story.

Margaret Cho in the Korean Spa: On Birthday Suits and Birth Rights: Julie Kang puts Margaret Cho's experience in a K-Town spa into the context of first and second generation Korean Americans.

Can an Asian Woman Be Taken Seriously in Rap? I'm starting to get on board with funny rapper Nora Lum, aka Akwafina, but this is a horribly written New York magazine article, starting with that headline.

The Best Cure for Yellow Fever? Date an Asian.: "If Harmony Korine, Gaspar Noe, Stanley Kubrick, Michael Haneke, Lars von Trier (men, anyway) are allowed to quiz sexual dynamics by showing a woman get raped, I'd like to think I can ask similar questions and actually be thanked for sparing people the soul-hazing process. I hate to sound vindictive but the truth is, I hope their discomfort brings them closer to understanding what it's like to have to think about and rationalize sex to the world, to say nothing of getting to know your own self. Some of us can stand to use a little more self-reflection. Love us, eat our food, talk about your sensei all day. Really it's fine. We let you in after all. But please don't get defensive when we ask why you're here."

Daughter of imprisoned Chinese activist inspires ‘Nine Days’ by Fred Hiatt, a book about their plight: Ti-Anna Wang, daughter of Chinese political prisoner Wang Bingzhang, is the real-life inspiration for a new young adult novel, Nine Days by Fred Hiatt.

In L.A.'s Koreatown, the Lakers are the team holding court: For years, the purple and gold claimed a steady fan base in the sprawling community, but this season the intensity has been amplified -- with games now broadcast in Korean, a first in the NBA.

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