Woman handing out samples at Costco fatally shot by police

What the hell? In Sterling, Virginia, police shot and killed a woman who was handing out samples at Costco, after receiving reports that she was "acting oddly": Woman Handing Out Samples at Va. Costco Shot Dead by Police After Acting Strangely.

On Wednesday, store employees noticed 38-year-old Mhai Scott acting strangely while handing out pizza samples. She reportedly became upset when she ran out of pizza, and began waving a knife and scissors and threatening employees.

According to the Loudon County Sheriff, when deputies were called the store, Scott brandished the sharp objects at the officers, who used a stun gun then fatally shot her:

Deputies were called to the store to handle the disturbance. After they arrived, Scott -- who worked for a company that handles sampling at Costco stores -- approached the officers with the sharp items, authorities said.

One deputy tried to use a stun gun on Scott, but Chapman said the stun gun "did not work," and another deputy fatally shot her.

A sheriff's deputy also was wounded in the leg by a ricocheting bullet. The injury was not life-threatening.

Only one deputy fired shots, Chapman said. Both deputies were placed on paid administrative leave.
What happened to Mhai Scott? And why did officers have to shoot her dead? Scott's family members, who reside in the Philippines, are questioning authorities' use of deadly force. More here: Mhai Scott shot, killed by Loudoun deputies in Sterling Costco, raising questions of force.

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