Kate Gosselin does the slant eye!

Oh, hell no. Guess who's doing the chink-eye this time? This godawful photo of reality TV mom Kate Gosselin has been making the rounds: Kate Gosselin Appears To Make Racist Gesture In Twitter Photo.

Gosselin burned through her fifteen minutes of fame on the TLC reality television show Jon and Kate Plus 8, which chronicled her and her Korean American now-ex-husband's crazy life as the parents of eight adorable children. That, of course, ended in bitter divorce and tabloid-fueled sadness.

I don't know when this photo of was taken. It recently surfaced on Twitter. You'd think someone who is a mother to eight Asian American children would exercise a little more sensitivity. But there she is in some kind of weird-ass hairpiece, making sweet racist eyes at the camera. You go, Kate.

It's the international gesture for "ching chong." More here: Photo Shows Kate Gosselin Mocking Asians, Sparks New Controversy & Demands For Explanation.

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