Kenichi Ebina's kickass audition for America's Got Talent

This week, dancer Kenichi Ebina hit the stage for auditions of season eight of NBC's America's Got Talent, showing off his special mix of dance, martial arts and mime. If that sounds weird, it is... but it's also totally original and awesome. It starts off one way when he introduces himself -- the broadcast tries to make it look like his "dance-ish" performance is going to be a joke -- but then he proceeds to blow everyone's mind. He gets a standing ovation, across the board. Just watch:

I like the part at the end where he's not quite sure what just happened.

I saw Kenichi perform several years ago at Kollaboration Los Angeles, where he took home the grand prize. The guy is a born entertainer, and he could easily take his act all the way. Kenichi for the win!

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