Hey everybody, that Korean TV news screenshot is fake

All right, I have to address this because it keeps getting passed along to me...

This screenshot (perpetuated by this article) of a Korean TV news broadcast's alleged tit-for-tat poke back at KTVU has been doggedly circulating since last week. Because two can apparently play the fake name game.

It's fake.

Yo, the screenshot is fake. Nice try, but everything about this is clearly a bad Photoshop job, from the mismatched font to the fact that there's no such news agency called "Ha Ha News," which is what the Korean writing says on the bottom right. And since when did Korean TV start broadcasting news in English?

The doctored image originated on Reddit, and is the handiwork of user rsong965, who was apparently bored at work and got all MS Paint Pro on this actual screenshot from CNN:

That would've been funny. But the resulting image is so unconvincing, I have a hard time understanding how it's been so widely passed around by folks who think it's real. Wishful thinking, I guess.

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