I was up until three in the morning watching b-boy battle videos. It was totally worth it.

Damn, I just spent the last hour watching b-boy videos. It was time well spent. You can always count on Korean b-boys throwing some crazy, never-before-seen s%*t in their routines. Case in point, Morning of Owl doing some inexplicable feats of holy amazeballs in this battle at the R-16 international b-boy tournament in Seoul. This is the kind of clip that gets ya viral:

Oh, you like that? Here's the full video of Morning of Owl's semifinal battle against Slavic United (who, let's be honest, were waaaaaay out of their league):

More battling. Here's video of Morning of Owl's battle against Melting Force of France:

And here's the epic final battle between Morning of Owl and Body Carnival of Japan:

Finally, slowing down the pace a bit, here's Morning of Owl's performance at R-16:

Downright poetic.

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