Ah, the good ol' chased-by-a-dinosaur prank

When you want to make someone mess their pants, a fake dinosaur always does the trick.

Forgive me, but this made me laugh. A lot. There are pranks... and then there are Japanese pranks. Not content with just giving the unsuspecting victim a fright, pranks of the Japanese variety are intended to terrify, traumatize and make you crap in your pants. They're also hilarious. So just watch as this poor guy wets himself, running away from what he believes is an actual dinosaur loose in the office. Some things don't need translation:

I love the look on his face -- "What?! How?! Ruuuunn!" Thank you, sir. Your moment of dino fear-induced diarrhea will now provide hours of delight for internet video watchers around the world. We salute you.

Source: Japanese Dinosaur Prank Would Have Given Us A Heart Attack

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