No, wait. THIS is the greatest windup in baseball history.

Whoa. Now that is how you throw a first pitch.

Dang! Koreans sure know how to start a baseball game. A few weeks back, folks got their minds blown by this clip of South Korean rhythmic gymnast Shin-Sooji throwing the ceremonial first pitch at a Doosan Bears game, featuring what had to be the greatest wind-up in the history of baseball.

The greatest wind-up? Not so fast. I believe that distinction has been usurped by actress and taekwondo champ Tae-Mi (aka Kim Kyung-sook), who also threw the first pitch for a recent Bears game, adding some asskicking aerial flip-flair for good measure. Holy moly -- check the slo-mo:

Now that's a hell of a windup. I need to get myself to a Korean baseball game.

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