George Takei's Next Step in World Domination: YouTube

Takei's Take teaches tech to an older generation.

In recent years, George Takei has pretty much solidified his status as an elder statesman for the Asian American community. Who would have thought that the guy best known for playing Sulu on Star Trek -- an iconic identity in its own right -- would go on to become the most famous, most active senior American on social media?

But that's why Takei's Take, his new webseries in partnership with AARP, make so much sense.

On Takei's Take, the 76-year-old social media superstar explores the world of technology, trends, current events and pop culture. Of course, he's hoping his entire legion of fans will watch it, but the YouTube show is definitely aimed to encourage the over-50 set to embrace next generation technology. And Uncle George, with his sweet, sweet voice, can be the guy who will help guide them there.

Here's the trailer for Takei's Take:

And here's Episode 1, which he looks at what's up with Google Glass:

Awesome. Takei's Take? More like Takei's Takeover! YouTube is just another territory conquered in the George Takei Empire. New four-minute episodes drop on Wednesdays, every other week.

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