Hey, People. That's the wrong Asian Google Glass gal.

All Asians look the same... Google Glass edition!

Hey, People magazine, if you're going to identify someone as part of a billion-dollar love triangle, it's probably a good idea to get a handle on distinguishing between two Asian women. Put a pair of Google Glasses on them, and nobody's got a friggin' clue: People Accuses Wrong Asian Woman of Dating Sergey Brin.

This is downright silly. Last month, news broke that Google founder Sergey Brin is splitting with his wife Anne Wojcicki, amid reports that he is dating a 27-year-old employee, Amanda Rosenberg. Honestly, none of this is news I give a crap about... except when People has a hard time getting two Asian faces straight.

In its coverage of Brin's breakup, instead of posting an image of Rosenberg, People used a photo of completely different Asian woman, albeit also wearing the awkward Google eyewear. The photo is actually a cropped stock image of an unidentified non-Rosenberg woman taken on the streets of New York.

Of course, this is not the first time that People has demonstrated difficulty telling Asian individuals apart. How about getting an intern to look at a damn thing for two seconds longer?

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