Hey, San Diego! Want to go to a racist party?

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with some racist costume mockery.

If you're in San Diego this weekend, you're invited to take part in some racist bullshit known as the Asian Bar Crawl & Costume Party, described as "a celebration of modern Asian cuisine and the Mid-Autumn Festival in downtown San Diego." Basically, it's an excuse for folks to get dressed up in racist Asian shit and get drunk.

I can imagine how someone got the bright idea for this. They thought, you know, we've thoroughly exploited Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick's Day... but there's just still aren't enough proper holidays to appropriate as an excuse to get their blind-ass stupid drink on. And if we can add racist costumes, even better.

What? Mid-Autumn Festival? That's a thing? What is it? Never mind, who cares? Racist party time!

So grab your kimonos and muthaeffin' conical Asian hats. Don't know what to wear to this glorified frat theme party? Suggested costume ideas, according to the Facebook event: "Blushing Geisha, Nun Chuck Ninjas, Bruce Lee-Roy, Hangover Chow, General Tao, Sumo Wrestler, Seisei, Samurai, Sushi, Chinese To-Go Boxes, Fortune Cookie, Siracha Hot Sauce, PSY, Hot Imports and the list goes on."

The reverence and respect for Asian culture is overwhelming. And Halloween is still over a month away.

NAPAWF's San Diego chapter is mobilizing folks to spread awareness about this party, informing folks why an event like this is misguided racist bullshit, discouraging people from attending, and sending a letter of protest to organizers. More info here: ACTION ALERT: Offensive "Asian Bar Crawl" in San Diego!

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