Jeremy Lin goes one-on-one with the mayor of Palo Alto

Jeremy christens a new community court with a high-stakes showdown.

This week, the city of Palo Alto, California opened a new basketball court at the Mitchell Park Library. Who better to help celebrate the new community hoop than hometown hero Jeremy Lin?

To properly initiate the court, in front of a cheering crowd of middle schoolers, the Houston Rockets point guard was on hand and tasked with shooting a few hoops, facing off against defender Greg Sharff, Mayor of Palo Alto: Jeremy Lin attends Mitchell Park court christening.

And there were some stakes. If Jeremy could score a point against the mayor, the Mitchell Park Library and Community Center would erect a sign that read, JEREMY LIN PLAYED HERE. No problem, right? Truth be told for Jeremy, it was easier said than done. Let's go to the tape:

The mayor had more defense in him than you thought, eh? Let's hope this little matchup isn't an indicator of Jeremy's upcoming season with the Rockets. But I think he'll be okay.

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