New Music: The Cure, the new album from Drunken Tiger

I normally don't post much on Korean music -- nothing against it, but other sites cover popular music from Asia a lot better than I can -- but every now and then something cool breaches my consciousness and I'm inclined to share. A friend passed me The Cure, the new album from Drunken Tiger, and I'm digging it.

I won't pretend to be Korean rap-literate, but long ago, I was advised by folks far more knowledgeable than me that Drunken Tiger is pretty much the foremost force in Korean hip hop. Here, Tiger JK and his wife Yoonmirae -- dubbed Korea's rap royal couple -- come together with MC Bizzy to demonstrate why they've earned that title. The nine-track EP also features guitar contributions from our old friend singer/songwriter David Choi.

Here are some recently released music videos from the album:

"The Cure"

"Sweet Dream"

"Get In"

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