The Fastest Driver in Manhattan?

Police have arrested the driver who allegedly set the record for the fastest loop around Manhattan.

Did this guy just break the fastest record for driving the loop around Manhattan? Last week, YouTube user "AfroDuck" released a video documenting his fast feat around the city, making the trip from the FDR Drive around to the Henry Hudson Parkway and back in his 2006 BMW Z4 in 24 minutes.

Good for you, dude. Except his speedy stunt got the attention of the NYPD, who vowed that they would nab the guy responsible for the "Fastest Loop Around Manhattan." That is, if you can find him... and catch him!

They did. This week, police arrested 30-year-old Christopher Adam Tang. He is charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, speed violation and traffic device violation. Gotcha, sucka.

Here's the sped-up video of his record-breaking drive around Manhattan:

He's fast, but not quite clever enough to escape the clutches of the cops. I don't know, this might be fastest loop around Manhattan, but I've been in the back taxis that felt like the drivers were trying to break some kind of record. AfroDuck ain't got nuthin' on my last cab out of JFK.

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