They grow up so fast... and you won't even notice

Watch a human being age an entire lifetime in matter of minutes.

Wanna see something freaky? I've been seeing this video posted left and right on social media over the past couple of days, and I finally took a moment to watch it. Whaaaaaat.

Take five minutes to watch this short video, entitled Danielle. Watch the whole thing, and don't skip ahead. Turn up the sound. And watch a human being age a lifetime in a matter of moments. The effect is slow, and you barely notice it happening... but it's definitely happening. You just feel it. Super weird and awesome:

They grow up so fast. The video was actually created from composites of several portraits taken at a family reunion, from youngest cousins to oldest relatives, and animated with computer effects. The result is this video, an almost-still portrait that ages so creepily, you're only vaguely aware that it's even happening.

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