Buckle Up To Get Down

Jon M. Chu directs Virgin America's dance-tastic new flight safety video.

Director Jon M. Chu has done it again. The guy behind the Step Up movies, The LXD and G.I. Joe: Retaliation recently partnered up with Virgin America to produce the airline's new flight safety video. And you know it was going to be cool. It's an all-out shoo-wop-and-shimmy musical extravaganza featuring a lot of his usual crew (note the cute rapping "oxygen girl" Kylie Davis, plus Mike Song and his awesome momma at 1:40):

I fly a lot, which means I've seen many safety instruction demonstrations. I admit, by now, I usually ignore them. But I've always been particularly amused by Virgin America's funny animated safety video. I'm looking forward to jamming to this one on future flights. This week, actually.

Here's also a cool behind-the-scenes video:

Oh yeah, Virgin America is putting the call out for dancers to be in a future version of the next safety video. To submit your audition, visit VXsafetydance.com and uploading an Instagram video with your freshest moves using the #VXsafetydance hashtag by November 22.


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