Can you loan me $800? I need to buy this Bruce Lee statue.

40th Anniversary Bruce Lee Limited Edition Statue by Blitzway

This is only for ultimate Bruce fans... Got 800 bucks to burn? Then check out this incredible limited edition Bruce Lee Limited Edition Statue by Blitzway, commemorating the 40th anniversary of his passing.

This is one hell of a figure, like a miniature Bruce just walked off the set of Game of Death. Standing at 28 inches tall, and crazy lifelike right down to the bruises on his face, the statues comes complete with perfect replications of the yellow jumpsuit, shoes, nunchaku and bamboo cane. Damn.

Here's a video with more views of the statue's details:

The statue was created by master sculptor Arnie Kim, and is an exclusive run, numbered and limited to 100 pieces. Like I said, only for the ultimate Bruce fans. Sooooo... if anyone would like to donate one of these to my Really-Cool-Things-I-Really-Don't-Need Fund, pre-order it here.

Here are some more photos:

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