Creepy camera crew harasses New York Comic Con attendees

Asshole producer uses SiriusXM credentials to conduct racist and sexist interviews.

Got this passed along to me from our friends at 18 Million Rising...

Last weekend at New York Comic Con, a guy named Mike Babchik snuck in to the convention using his credentials from SiriusXM, where he is a producer/on-air personality on the Mad Dog Sports Radio Show. But he didn't go to Comic-Con to geek out or cover the festivities -- he went to racially and sexually harass attendees.

You know, in the grand tradition of asshole jocks messing with nerds.

While he got in using his day job credentials, Babchik was actually there for his side hustle, a public access and internet show called "Man Banter." If that sets off douchetastic red flags for you, Babchik's behavior pretty much confirmed it, as he and his creepy camera crew spent the day conducting racist, sexist interviews.

One of the attendees he talked to was Diana M. Pho, a panel moderator at the convention, who blogged about her run-in with Babchik (he's referred to here as "TCI" -- "The Creepy Interviewer"):

I was walking through Artist Alley with my friend A, who was dressed as steampunk-version of Death from The Sandman comics. I was dressed in an Asian steampunk outfit ... As you can see in the photo, I was modestly dressed (steampunk!) and carrying my parasol. We had been stopped numerous times for pictures from attendees and interviewed courtesy by another press crew while in the Artist Alley. This is why I didn’t hesitate when a man dressed in a dark T shirt and dark jeans pulled me aside and hurriedly asked for an interview. ...

TCI: So, if I were walking in the rain, could I pay you to walk next to me with your umbrella?

Me: Pay me?

TCI: If I paid you?

Me: Then, buy your own umbrella.

TCI: No, I want to buy an umbrella with an Asian girl.

(Warning bell one)

Me: Then no.

TCI: Are you a geisha?

Me: No.

TCI: Can I be a geisha?

(Warning bell two)

Me. No, you can't.

TCI: Why not?

Me: Because you lack certain things, like style, tact, grace -

TCI: Ah, but do I smell?

Me: Well, I dunno, I've only stood next to you for about 20 seconds, so I can't tell if you do or not. But however -

TCI: Well in my experience, girls who stand next to me longer than 20 seconds get a cream pie.
As 18 Million Rising points out, it would be one thing if Babchik was just a regular attendee acting like asshole, but the fact that he used his SiriusXM credentials to gain access to the convention, plus act like a racist, sexist asshole, is grounds to get him fired. For more information, and to sign the petition urging SiriusXM to get his ass fired, go to the 18 Million Rising's campaign: Tune in, SiriusXM: Fire Babchik NOW!

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