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Steven Yeun's Crotch Tick Attack: The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun was recently back as a guest on Conan talking about, among other things, the time he discovered a tick on his... um...

Why Alison Gold's 'Chinese Food' Caused a Stir: In his latest "Tao Jones" column, Jeff Yang talks to the person behind that godawful "Chinese Food" song. World, meet Patrice Wilson.

The Asian-American Awakening: That Moment When You Realize You're Not White: "As a young child, I didn't understand race or skin color. I assumed everyone was white, including me. I hope I can speak for most Asian-Americans here, but there is that earth-shattering moment in our childhood when we realize we're not white. You can take it two ways: embrace that you're not white or try everything in your power to become white."

Model and Former Pageant Queen Maria Kang's Controversial Fitness Photo and Message: Model and former beauty queen Maria Kang drew the scorn of the internet masses when she photo a fitness photo of herself posing with her three young kids, with the tagline, "What's your excuse?"

Not Your Model Minority: Asian Americans and the Immigration Fight: Immigration is often framed as an issue impacting mostly Latino populations, but what about the huge number of immigrants from Asia?

We all deserve better than the Ordway's Miss Saigon: "The factual inaccuracies are too countless to name. I can almost forgive costume errors. I can try to ignore the lie about forced cousin marriage being traditional. But I was later told by the actors that the Vietnamese song the show claimed all women sing at all wedding ceremonies was actually just gibberish, even in the script itself."

Taking on the 'hungry ghosts': Asian American women commit suicide at startlingly high rates, and while the causes cover a myriad of issues, the most difficult part may be the silences that surround it.

What's actually behind the low Asian American obesity rate?: It seems that the rate of obesity for Asian Americans is low against the national average, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to worry about.

A New Slant on Hate Speech: The U.S. government has refused trademark protection to Portland-based rock band called The Slants, claiming that the name the band is seeking to protect is disparaging to Asians. Here's Scot Nakagawa on why the federal government is barking up the wrong tree.

Accommodasians don't make waves: A recent biology phD reflects on microaggressions he's encountered and how he's learned that he shouldn't let such comments pass.

Gene Luen Yang explains his graphic novel "The Shadow Hero," whose cover is herein revealed: Gene Luen Yang introduces his forthcoming graphic novel The Shadow Hero, with artwork by Sonny Liew, reviving a long-forgotten 1940s comic book character the Green Turtle -- the first Asian American superhero.

6 Diverse Children's Cartoons (Where the Main Character Isn't Necessarily White): Some cool cartoons -- beyond Dora the Explorer -- that prominently feature diverse characters in different cultural settings.

John Cho: More than a stoner hero: This Salon article makes the case for why actor John Cho, beloved by Harold & Kumar and Star Trek fans alike, deserves to be a television star.

A Chat Between Two Writers: California native author EJ Koh and Bay Area impending author Lauren Lola converse on the journey of writing and the thoughts, fears and hopes that come with it.

Q&A with 'Gravity's Other Star: UK Actor Phaldut Sharma: The Aerogram talks to British actor Phaldut Sharma, who can currently be seen as a singing astronaut in the space thriller Gravity.

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