Casting Call: MYX TV's I'm Asian American and...

Reality series looking for "unique" Asian Americans

Got this casting call sent my way for a new series on MYX TV...

They're looking for interesting and noteworthy personalities to profile on I'm Asian American and..., a new show spotlighting Asian Americans who defy the stereotypes, have an unusual story, lifestyle, or secret obsession. Are you someone who is out-of-the-box or living in a unique situation? You should be on television.

The show is looking for Asian American subjects, 18-35 years old who live in Southern California area. Here are some more details:

MYX TV is casting a new reality series:


Do you defy stereotypes? Are you hiding a scandalous secret?
Live a unique life? Are in a crazy situation?

We want to profile your story!

SAMPLE STORIES (Hit us up we're open to anything!)

I Pass For White
I'm a Teen Mom
I'm Undocumented
I have a Bizarre Obsession
I'm getting double eyelid surgery
I'm being Bullied
I'm in a Gang
I'm living a double life

Asian American
18-35 years old
Living within 50 miles of Los Angeles

Email casting@thirstytiger.com:
Name, Age, Location
A description of your story
A recent photo
Some of these sample stories are a little dubious -- like, I'm a little uncertain how "scandalous" or "crazy" getting double eyelid surgery is. But you get the idea. Hopefully this show handles the topics with a little more sensitivity and nuance than the flyer suggests. If you think you've got that somethin' something' for the TV, refer to the info above and contact casting@thirstytigertv.com.

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