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Does Your Man Suffer From Yellow Fever? Find Out in 8 Simple Steps: Brooklyn-based artist Donna Choi has come up with a helpful, handy and hilarious set of illustrations to diagnose whether or not your guy is suffering from a big, sweaty case of Yellow Fever.

"Totally Biased": The show that actually looked like America: Boo on the people making decisions at FXX, who just canceled Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, aka the realest show on television.

An Open Letter to Mike Babchik: I Am Not For Sale: Diana Pho was enjoying her day attending New York Comic Con until XM radio personality Mike Babchik approached her with some straight up sexist, racist bullshit. She responds here.

Smiling Selfies and Other Lies: Every day, Sharline Chiang took photos of herself smiling with her newborn and sent them to her parents. But those photos were far from the truth; Chiang was suffering from postpartum anxiety.

What I learned as Captain America in a turban: When Vishavjit Singh, a turbaned, bearded Sikh American, walked around New York City in a superhero costume, he had no idea the effect it would have on strangers -- or on himself.

Linsanity Redux: How Much Does New York Miss Jeremy Lin? On the occasion of Jeremy Lin's recent return to play in Madison Square Garden, Jeff Yang discusses the importance of his historic run with the New York Knicks and a projection for the future of Linsanity.

Please Let Linsanity Die: "Lin is actually a better player right now than he ever was during the Linsanity run. Forget Linsanity. Let it die." On why it's time to let Linsanity go.

Off the Court, a Film's Lens on Asian-American Faith: The documentary Linsanity is not only about Jeremy Lin's amazing zero-to-hero performance on the basketball court, but also a portrait of faith.

Why Asians Dread Movember: Did you know that men growing mustaches in November is a thing? Apparently, it's to raise awareness about prostate cancer. Why Jian Deleon doesn't like it.

CONSCIOUS: PLASTIC ISLAND: An interview with filmmaker Angela Sun about her documentary Plastic Paradise, on the massive plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean and how we can clean it up.

The Surreal Media Reaction to My Today Show Marriage Proposal: Last month, Simon Devi Jhingoor was prepared to talk on national television about her nonprofit organization when her boyfriend surprised her with a marriage proposal. How Jezebel and other social media talked about the event through a feminist lens but in all the analysis forgot about one key aspect: Simone's own agency.

Seeing Opportunity In A Question: 'Where Are You Really From?': Alex Sugiura is from Brooklyn and is of Japanese and Eastern European descent. Instead of getting annoyed at the perpetual "Where are you from?" questions, he sees the opportunity for some critical conversations.

Fox Says Diversity Leads To Good Ratings And Better Business: Turns out, television audiences are more likely to watch a show that reflects the country's ethnic diversity.

I Am Producing A Film About Asian American Gangsters Of Atlanta: For the last year and a half, Grace Jung has been on the production team of a documentary called A-Town Boyz, which is set in Atlanta and follows the lives of young Asian American men.

Outstanding Bruce Lee Fan Art: A cool collection of original fan art celebrating the martial arts icon.

Chu Unplugged: Former U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, now a professor of physics at Stanford, talks with Politico Magazine about what he's learned in Washington, why Solyndra wasn't a scandal, and what politicians just don't get about the science of energy.

Asian-American Lawyers Act Like '22 Lewd Chinese Women': For the past seven years, the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association's annual convention has included dramatic re-enactments of historic trials involving Asian Americans. This year, the drama is 22 Lewd Chinese Women, focusing on a 19th century Supreme Court case about a group fo women from China who sailed to San Francisco without husbands or children.

Artist Documents Her Experience Dressing More Feminine To Get A Job: When artist Coco Layne was interviewing for a job that would require her to look "conservative," she realized how slight changes in her gender presentation affected how people treated her. So she created Warpaint, a photo project that explores the subtleties in her gender presentation.

Q&A - Steven Yeun (Glenn): Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn on AMC's The Walking Dead, talks about Glenn's secrets to survival and some funny fan antics he's witnessed.

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