Woman gives birth outside Holland Tunnel

They hoped they could make it to the hospital in time, but this kid was ready to go.

Hospital or no hospital, this baby wanted out. Right then and there. So on Monday morning in New Jersey -- just outside the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, to be exact -- a woman gave birth to a baby who was in one big hurry to be born: Baby born outside entrance to the Holland Tunnel.

Brooklyn couple Ying Chen, 21, and Kai Tang, 23, were driving back from visiting a cousin in Philadelphia when Chen went into labor. They hoped they could make it to the hospital in time, but this kid was ready to go. So Tang pulled over just outside the tunnel in Jersey City, where he flagged down some help.

And with the help of some Port Authority police officers, this baby girl was born in the back seat of her father's Nissan. Healthy and safe.

Ying Chen, 21, and the baby’s father, Kai Tang, had intended to take a bus to their Brooklyn home after visiting a cousin in Philadelphia. With eight days until her due date, Chen thought she had time for the short trip, WABC reports.

But then, while still in Philadelphia, Chen went into labor. The bus wasn’t an option, so a relative drove them, according to NBC 4 New York. The couple had hoped to make it to a New York City hospital but got stuck in rush hour traffic. And this baby was in a hurry to be born.

They pulled over by the tolls and received help from Port Authority Police officers Luis Alvarado and Catherine Prior, who provided first aid and requested an ambulance. Officer Matthew Smith, a certified EMT, helped deliver the baby in the back seat of the car early Monday morning, according to NJ.com.
Congratulations! This will be a story they'll tell for the rest of this kid's life. As for her name: Holly, an abbreviated tribute to the Holland Tunnel. Which is a much better name than "Tunnel."

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