Darnell Dockett tweets racist jokes. And steals wifi.

"Apple has a new device out for Chinese people. The iOpener."

Speaking of racist expressions over social media... Here is yet another, coming from Arizona Cardinals linebacker Darnell Dockett. The NFL player, in a fit of inspiration, came up with what he must have thought was a suuuuper clever joke about "Chinese people" and their funny Asian eyes.

I actually imagine Dockett giggling to himself while typing away.

You can think up these thoughts and just be a private dumbass, but baby, that's not why Twitter was invented. No, Twitter has become a most powerful tool in public dumbassery. Dockett gleefully tweeted it out.

When called out for his racist joke, Dockett doubled down, declaring himself "so not racist," promising not to make any "fake apologies," and pretty much admitting that pissing everyone off is "easy and fun as hell."

Dockett also pretty much admitted to stealing is neighbor's wifi:

A note to Darnell Dockett's neighbors: better password protect.

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