Exclusive Clip: Power tool persuasion in Beyond Outrage

The legendary Takeshi Kitano returns in the second chapter of his epic crime saga

Anybody up for a good old fashioned Japanese gangster flick? Then get the hell out of here. Beyond Outrage is anything but old fashioned. In the follow-up to 2010's Outrage, the legendary Takeshi Kitano directs and stars in the violent second chapter of his epic crime saga. But wait, am I remembering wrong -- didn't his character die at the end of the first movie? True to form, "Beat Takeshi is a bad muthaf**ka.

In Beyond Outrage, a manipulative police crackdown on organized crime ignites a tricky power struggle involving the two biggest yakuza families, the Sanno and Hanabishi clans. Former family boss Otomo, rumored dead and newly released from prison, wants to retire from a life of crime, but finds himself drawn back in as the Sanno and Hanabishi clans teeter on the brink of an all-out war.

Even truer to form, if it's a Takeshi Kitano gangster flick, you know it's going to be waaaaay violent, and Beyond Outrage delivers. Here's an exclusive clip with the stone-faced Takeshi wielding a power tool:

And here's the trailer:

Beyond Outrage is currently available on iTunes, Amazon Instant and On Demand, and opens in theaters on January 3 from Magnet Releasing. For more information about the film, visit the website.

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