Lorde has an Asian boyfriend. Get the f%*k over it, internet.

Twitter kids freak out over the "Royals" singer's rumored boyfriend.

Got a deluge of folks telling me about this item over on Jezebel... News flash: people on the internet are mean. Basically, a legion of awful teenagers have taken to social media with a barrage of hate tweets directed at New Zealand singer/songwriter Lorde, calling the 17-year-old recording artist's boyfriend James Lowe "ugly" and, um, "Asian." Most of them express disbelief that these two beings could possibly be together.

The hate onslaught was set off when Lorde allegedly said that Justin Bieber and the members of One Direction are "ugly." (Never mind that no one can find the actual source of this claim.) That was all the rabid, vengeful fan-crays needed to get real racist, real fast, and direct their ridiculously ignorant energy at Lorde/Lowe.

Some examples, if you can stand it:

Et cetera. Et cetera. Don't worry, bro. Know that you're giving hope to adorably dorky Asian dudes everywhere.

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