Man badly beaten after a night of karaoke with friends

The family of Andrew Oh is asking for the public's help

Some disturbing news out of the San Diego area, where a young man was left beaten with a brain injury after a night of karaoke with friends: Qualcomm employee left beaten after night of karaoke with friends.

24-year-old Andrew Oh was out last weekend celebrating his roommate's birthday at the Chorus Karaoke Bar in Kearny Mesa. At some point in the evening, he stepped outside the bar, and was later found unconscious and badly beaten in the parking lot. And that's pretty much all the information that seems to be available.

What the hell happened to Andrew? There apparently isn't any surveillance video from the evening, and police don't have much to go on. While he remains in critical condition with head trauma, his family is asking for the public's help to find out what happened to him:

Oh's sister says he went to celebrate his roommate's birthday last Saturday evening. They went to the Chorus Karaoke Bar in Kearny Mesa. Sometime that night, Oh stepped outside the bar and was later found early Sunday morning unconscious and badly beaten in the parking lot, said his sister, Jessie Oh.

"I mean, he's still heavily sedated," she said. "He had surgery, I think, like that night when he came in. They needed to relieve the pressure in his head ... It was mostly like head trauma."

The 24-year-old has never been in trouble. His sister tells 10News he had just graduated from UC San Diego and was working as a computer engineer for Qualcomm. The family is devastated.

"We're just trying to stay positive," said Jessie Oh. "We're praying. We're asking everybody to pray. Everybody from our church has been by and is praying for him."

The karaoke bar has not provided any surveillance from that night. Police say there are very few leads in this case. Oh remains in critical condition. The family hopes that by telling their story, someone will step forward and tell them what happened to him.
Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the San Diego Police Department.

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