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21 Questions Asian People Are Sick Of Answering: Another BuzzFeed list.

President Obama, Stop Separating and Deporting Our Families: Ju Hong, who was dismissed as a "heckler" when he spoke up for a stop to deportation during Obama's speech on immigration earlier this month, elaborates on his stance: "You recognized Angel Island as a dark period in Chinatown's history, but you failed to recognize that more Asians and Pacific Islanders are in detention today than were in detention under the Chinese Exclusion Act. In fact, your administration detains up to 34,000 people per day, a record number of detainees in U.S. history."

The Passion of Dan Choi: He was the poster boy to repeal "don't ask, don't tell." Now what?

An Adoption Awareness Month Request: Check Your Prejudices: On a family cruise trip to the Bahamas, Korean adoptee Jessica Prois was confronted with the most awkward assumption ever: that she and her dad were married. And this isn't the first time it's happened.

Remembering Cha Vang: Six years ago, Cha Vang was killed by a man who openly hated Hmong people. He was convicted on a lesser charge, despite the clear evidence of a hate crime. Kao Kalia Yang remembers him, and urges us to, too.

Celebrating Four Years: Opening the Government's Doors to the AAPI Community: This year marks the fourth anniversary of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, re-established by President Obama in 2009 to further open the doors of government to the AAPI community.

Ketchup: The All-American Condiment That Comes From Asia: Although tomato ketchup is ubiquitous today, the condiment was once made from many diverse ingredients — and traces its origins from China.

Asian Americans' shopping habits make retailers' eyes light up: We are the so-called "swayable shopaholics." According to a new consumer report, Asian Americans' spending power outpaces other groups.

Yong Kim, Ted Kim, and Chris Oh on Seoul Sausage Company's First Year: "One Year In" is Eater's feature of the chefs and owners of restaurants celebrating their one year anniversary. This time, they sat with the good folks behind the Seoul Sausage Company.

Run River North: Songs That Search for Home Run River North, formerly known as Monsters Calling Home, talk about performing barefoot, about racial difference being a "double-edged sword," and on constantly searching for home.

Post It: Giant Robot's Egalitarian Art Exhibition: Once a year, Giant Robot holds its "Post It" exhibition, in which every 3x3 piece of art on display is equal -- from up-and-comers to established artists.

'Marvels & Monsters' exhibit explores comics' portrayal of Asians: Great article on the comic book exhibit "Marvels & Monsters: Unmasking Asian Images in U.S. Comics, 1942-1986," now running at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles through February 9.

7 Essential Books That Capture the Young Asian American Experience: "Let's take a moment to thank the books that not only established my faith in the power of Asian American literature, but that also helped me finally see myself in literature as a young Chinese-American. Today, these books point to a robust tradition that is clamoring for new voices."

Derek Kirk Kim Talks to Gene Luen Yang about about TUNE: Graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang talks to cartoonist Derek Kirk Kim about his latest project, TUNE, a comic about "an art student trapped in a world without art."

Books Special Feature: Maurene Goo on How a Doctor and Lawyer Ended up Writing Young Adult Novels: Young adult novelist Maurene Goo writes about fellow YA novelists, Lydia Kang and Ellen Oh.

Director Justin Lin on Paul Walker: A Fast Friend: Justin Lin, who directed Paul Walker in three Fast & Furious films, shares his fond memories of the late actor.

'Fast & Furious' co-star Sung Kang remembers Paul Walker: Actor Sung Kang remembers his Fast co-star.

Randall Park's Character in New Movie Has an Accent : Actor Randall Parks is in a movie in which his character speaks with an accent. He writes up his thought process on choosing roles that can be a "tough call."

"Crazy Rich Asians" To Become a Movie: Audrey's Picks for a Dream Cast: Kevin Kwan's debut novel is slated to become a movie. Audrey picks its dream cast.

The GQ+A: Jou-Yie Chou of Public-Supply Talks Notebooks, Giving Back, and Good Design: GQ interviews Jou-Yie Chou, partner at Studio Tack, a multi-disciplinary design group whose projects include the notable Public-Supply, a brand that makes notebooks and pencils (for now) that benefit arts education.

The Atomic and Troy Cafes: Legendary LA punk hangout faces wrecking ball: In the heart of Little Tokyo, a plain-faced brick building now set for demolition is the unlikely former site of two of the most iconic hangouts in LA's music scene.

An Optimist's Guide to Running for Office: New Jersey Congressional candidate Roy D. Cho, who is making his first run for public office against a powerful incumbent, shares why he believes that optimism can overcome cynicism and barriers are meant to be broken down.

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